How To Find the Info of Bike Insurance By Registration Number?

A vehicle license number is given to you once you buy a motorcycle. A license number is to a motorcycle or the other vehicle what an address is to a house. Driving a motorcycle or the other two-wheeled vehicle without this number is unlawful and penalized. during this article, you’ll determine the meaning and significance of your bike’s license number.

What Is A Register Number For Your Bike?

A bike license number may be a one-of-a-kind number provided by your district’s Regional Transport Office (RTO). Every two-wheeler vehicle, like a motorbike, scooter, or Scooty, features a unique license number. Following the acquisition of a motorcycle, the owner must register it with the local RTO within 30 days. The RTO assigns a motorcycle license number after a successful registration, which is identification for the vehicle and its owner. The license number must be printed on a variety plate that has got to be permanently attached to the bike.

The license number is employed to accumulate a motorcycle policy, renew a motorcycle insurance plan, process a motorcycle claim, and check the bike insurance information, additionally to identify the bike. For all of those procedures, you simply got to input the car license number on the insurance provider’s website. In India, however, there are several ways to get two-wheeler vehicle insurance information by license number.

How To Get Your Bike’s Registration Using license number

You only got to submit your car license number when purchasing bike insurance online. After you acquire an ideathe small print of your bike policy is connected to your license number, which the RTO, state, or federal can access. This insurance vehicle information is additionally available on the insurance company’s and IRDAI’s websites, which can be reached via the subsequent methods –

Visit the Regional Transport Office’s (RTO) official website to seek out where your bike is registered. once you enter your car license numberthe knowledge of your bike insurance will appear.

To verify the specifics of your bike insurance, attend the State Transportation Department’s website and enter your license number.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ website ( also provides information about bike insurance by just inputting the license number.

to see bike insurance, attend the Insurance Information Bureau’s website,, which was created by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI).

Documents Needed to urge a short-lived license number

When you have purchased a replacement bike, before registering for a permanent register number, you want to first apply for a short-lived license numberyou’ll use your temporary license number to shop for bike insurance. To temporarily register your bike, complete the steps outlined below –

Form 20, which is effectively a form containing information about your bike and yourself, is required.
you will need proof of address, a Pollution in check (PUC) certificate, and your pan card to urge a short-lived license number.
If you do not have a pan card, you’ll utilize Forms 60 and 61.

Make sure that you simply take all the required documents while getting a short-lived license number for your bike and obtain it insured as soon as possible.

Take Away

Your bike could be your most precious asset. If you would like to stop unexpected and expensive repair expenses, confirm you acquire bike insurance that gives maximum coverage at an inexpensive price. consistent with the Indian automobile Act, bike insurance is additionally obligatory. As a result, confirm your bike is insured which you drive carefully.

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